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Probability @ LSU

Probability at LSU spans a wide spectrum of interests. To mention just a few topics: stochastic analysis and stochastic differential equations, computations aspects, infinite dimensional probability measures, stochastic ideas and techniques in mathematical physics, finance, and machine learning.

The journal Communications on Stochastic Analysis is edited by Professor Kuo.

Interested faculty include George CochranGuillermo Ferreyra, Arnab Ganguly, Hui-Hsiung KuoJimmie LawsonKarl Mahlburg, Ambar SenguptaP. SundarXiaoliang Wan and Hongchao Zhang. Others with interest in probability theory include Jian Zhang in Computer Science, and Bin Li in Experimental Statistics.

Books by our faculty include Stochastic Analysis and Diffusion Processes by Kallianpur and Sundar. Other books include Professor Kuo’s text on stochastic integration.

Past graduates include Irina Holmes who wrote her dissertation on the Gaussian Radon transform in 2014.